Hotels: 5 Things to Check When You Check-in

12 July 2016
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When you check into a hotel room after a long journey, the first thing you might want to do is flop straight down onto the bed or to jump into a hot shower. However, before you begin to relax, you should carry out a few simple checks to ensure your hotel room is up to scratch and that you will have a pleasant stay.

Signs of Damage

The first thing you should check upon entering your hotel room is for any signs of damage. Inspect the walls and check that any lights, air-conditioning and electronics are in good working order. Not only is it annoying to have broken or damaged items in your room, it could also lead to you being charged for damage you are not responsible for. If you notice any damage you should pick up the phone and let reception know straight away.

The Bathroom Amenities

There is nothing worse than standing in the shower and realising you don't have a towel or shampoo. For this reason, you should check that the bathroom amenities are in good condition and that you have a been left complimentary items such as soap, shampoo and conditioner. You should also check that you have been provided with a clean, dry towel.

The Bed

You should check that the bed is clean and free of bedbugs. The telltale signs of a bedbug infestation include small black spots, red stains on the sheets from where bedbugs have been crushed and live bugs. Bed bugs can hide in a variety of places, so it is important that you thoroughly check the entire mattress, the sheets and pillows for signs of an infestation. If you notice any signs of bedbugs you should contact the hotel manager and ask to be moved to another room.  

The Safe

When you're out of your hotel room, you will want to lock valuables such as money and passports in the room's safe. Check that the safe is in good working order and cannot be opened without the proper key or passcode.

The Alarm Clock

You should check that the alarm clock is in good working order and clear any settings left by the previous occupant so you are not awoken by the alarm before you want to be.

Before settling in to your hotel room, be sure to check all of these things and notify reception if there are any problems.