Caravan Holiday? Yes Please!

2 May 2016
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Going on holiday is always exciting. The question of accommodation is often among the primary concerns for the average holiday maker. Of the various options available, caravan accommodation is perhaps the most affordable.

Discussed in this article are other reasons why caravan parks/caravan accommodation continues to attract a large number of holiday makers. It also explores a few factors to consider when choosing the best caravan for an unforgettable holiday experience.

3 Things Look For In A Caravan Park

  • Child-friendly facilities: Those going on a caravan holiday with their children need to confirm that their chosen park has the facilities required to keep children busy and entertained throughout their stay. A swimming pool and a play-area with swings are a good example of these facilities.
  • Proximity to social amenities: What happens if a traveller gets sicks mid-way through their stay? In the ideal situation, the preferred caravan park should not be too far away from hospitals, shopping malls and other social amenities that a holiday maker may need to access.
  • Pet-friendly policies: Holiday makers should familiarize themselves with the pet policy of their preferred park beforehand if they're not keen on leaving the family cat/dog back at home. This is because not all caravan parks allow for the presence of pets within the park area.

Other Advantages Of Caravan Accommodation

Many of the most tranquil and serene holiday locations are often closer to the nearest caravan park than they are to the nearest hotel or resort.

Perhaps this can be explained by the non-destructive nature of caravan parks (like Alpha Accommodation Centre Pty Ltd). For example, establishing a caravan park in the middle of a largely forested area will cause less disruption to the natural environment than the establishment of a hotel or a similar establishment.

Caravan holidays also provide holiday makers with an almost unequalled opportunity to socialize.

Staying in a caravan park integrates holiday makers into a community of independent and like-minded holiday makers. Members of this community are often ready and eager to mingle and socialize. The use of communal spaces in a caravan park (e.g. washrooms and laundry areas) allow for greater social interaction between holiday makers as compared to the level of interaction in a hotel or motel.

In conclusion, caravan accommodation almost entirely eliminates the need to make an advanced booking at an accommodation establishment when going on holiday. Apart from during the peak seasons, caravan parks will seldom be booked to capacity. A traveller who makes an impromptu stop at a hotel is more likely not to be accommodated than (s) he who does the same at a caravan holiday park.